Manage your asset sharing
group online.

It’s easy to set up and manage your asset sharing group on goshared. We give you the tools you need to get the most from your share arrangement, all in one place.

What are people using goshared for?

  • Flying groups and clubs
  • Holiday homes and shared spaces
  • Motorhome, bike or car
  • Boat syndicates
  • Horse shares and riding clubs
  • Any asset you can share!
  • Free marketplace for all goshared members.
  • Post share for sale or share wanted.
  • Manage your listings in a safe, secure environment.

Why do people like using goshared?

It’s so easy to use.

goshared makes it easy to manage your own asset sharing group. The tools work seamlessly together to handle important tasks that help you run things smoothly. And they’re quick and simple to use. We’ve worked with customers of all ages and abilities to design features they feel comfortable with, from their PC or smart phone. So you can be confident that your group will be able to adopt goshared with ease.

Everything's in one place.

Access all the features from one secure login:

  • Booking system
  • Billing and expenses system
  • Usage tracking and alerts
  • Report and manage issues
  • Set reminders
  • Group discussion board
  • Message members
  • Store files and web links
  • Group web page
  • Post shares for sale

Designed for asset sharing.

We've taken the time to gain a deep understanding of how different share arrangements work. So you get a sophisticated, tailor made system that saves your group time and money. And you retain full control to manage the group the way you want. We develop all the features ourselves, working directly with our customers. And we're always innovating, to help you get more value from your share arrangement.